Volga Realty Ventures (Proposed)

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Journey began with a Dream to Realty, a constant evolution for us.  The determination to succeed began from a scratch with a Dream at conceptual stage without any resources 5 years ago.  Along the journey overcoming the struggle and transition phase interacting with  an Architect, Civil Engineers, Business Consultants, C.As, Lawyer and business partners were convinced about the business idea they although they were skeptical initially considering huge Project that is lacking financial resources. The unique concept, capability and determination of building homes for community is driving them  joining this Caravan on a path to achieve Success.  Challenges are part of our life or business that will always be there in the form of finance, administration, technical, marketing, competition, demand, internal security, political, external threats and world market cues.  We need to have a sustainable business concept in the face of adversity to succeed. 

This is how we prepared an outline and started gathering data on landed properties in terms of price, development cost,  research on the current market trends of demand/supply, potential development nodes in and around major metros & urban areas in India.  All these resources were put together to create a clear and sustainable business model for our proposed Realty Project. 

We then are presenting it to our Prospective Investors a strong socially responsible Business that would create a distinct Brand in the long run in India.

To have a well organized set up for any successful business we need to have four fundamental Ms at our disposal and they are:  Man, Material, Money and Machine.  Indeed, these elements are interlinked mainly to Money (element).   Money is capable of binding all four Ms together.  Rather, Money can resource the best Material, Employees and Machine from the Market.  Their combined capacity, productivity and skills will deliver the best Product and we finally want this combined effort to transform into a Brand in Indian Realty Market.  Volga Realty Ventures committed to source the best four Ms from open Market to emerge as a leading Brand in this business at national level.  Volga Realty Ventures shall therefore, offer our customers unique Branded products that promise maximum comfort on par with western countries.  For investors too we promise to garner maximum return on their investment for a long period.

As per UN Report India set to become 3rd leading Economy after America and China by the year 2025 and no wonder it is now most attractive Investment Destination for Foreign Investors.  We are. therefore, confident of getting the desired equity based investment from prospective Domestic / Overseas Investors very soon to prosper with our business collaboration.

We thus, offer an exceptional investment opportunity for prospective investors to enter Indian Real Estate Sector as our Equity Partner to share the profits.  The Investor can also regularly access company's data on financial performance, Project status as well as Business Planning for future expansion and diversification.

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