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We have great pleasure in introducing global opportunities for joint venture, Equity, debt, Loans and many business opportunities for investors in different sectors in Global Business Environment.  The current opportunities are listed below.

New Digital Crypto Currrency - Clover from Japan (28.08.2017):

Here is promising new digital currency named CLOVER Crypto Currency would enter digital market space in Japan.  You are poised to reap benefits of the same by lapping early bird registration through us.  Please review following lead from my business partner Mr. Shuken Go from Japan.

Dear Sanjay

This is the Crypto currency opportunity. I am involved with CLOVER COIN, originated in Japan.

Currently worth JPY 50 per coinbut price is expected to soar (!!!) when it will be listed on CCMC next year.
You may recall how Bitcoin and Ripple have made millionaires, depending on the timing they chose to possess these Crypto currencies. CLOVER is still in its very early bird stage.

Here is the link to their English website, managed from Hong Kong. You can read about the CLOVER opportunity.
One can join either just for investment or for business by promoting this opportunity globally.


Please get back to me if you would like to get involved. The potential is enormous. Or you can just spread the word and refer any prospect back to me.



Seeking JV Investors for Oil and Gas Projects in Canada - lead from associate Mr. Shridharan from india (25.06.2017:


  1. Deal 1 is for Mojek Resources, an oil and gas company based in Calgary Canada. They need $30M for asset acquisition and working capital. I have attached their business plan for your review and consideration.
  2. Deal 2 is for Carson Petroleum , an oil and gas company based in Calgary Canada. They need $15M in Capital to put its development projects into production. Carson Petroleum also has $15M of hard assets (e.g. 3D seismic, properties, mineral rights, drilled and cased but uncompleted wellbores in addition to $15M of registered tax pools). I have attached their business plan for your review and consideration.

Interested investors who can invest without upfront fees may write to volgaindia@gmail.com for detailed business plan of these projects.

Chinese major Powerchina energy company is seeking Indian Solar Power Projects as JV Partner (Investor will be visiting):
India in Jaunary 2017:

One of my business associate from Kazakhstan Mr. Aibek Tieukulov who has minority stake in Power China Company the investor has brought this best opportunity for Indian Solar  Power Projects that are seeking JV investors for their projects.  Powerchina is an energy major company fast expanding globally and has presence in more than 100 countries and has already presence in India and has invested $7B in Thermal Power Projects is seeking expand their footprint in Solar power business in India and therefore are seeking Indian Solar Power Projects that have PPA with State or Central Government or Private Major Power Distribution Companies that are listed on BSE/NSE and minimum project size is 50 MW.  Please read below the investment lead from Mr. Aibek which is self explanatory.  

Mr More,

Thank you for your quick reply and wish you happy holidays!

Yes, you never know but always have to keep moving forward.

I attached LOI issued to our primary Indian partner. Powerchina made JV with Indian engineering company which sources solar projects for them. I deleted names and address to keep partner's exclusivity at this point. Please be aware that we do ONLY facilitating for this particular meeting in January.

Our company, TERRAFORM (www.terraform.tech) which currently owns and finances renewables in Asia also acts as a minority investor in India and commits development capital. So the structure we have includes Powerchina, Terraform and Indian developer-EPC.

Same structure works in Central Asia. Please be aware that we seek projects around the world, so if you have ideas, please share and lets do it. You can join our Liberty division if you wish and get you fees properly structured with us.

I hope I'll visit India soon and we can finally meet, my friend!

Best wishes to you and your family. 

Aibek MT wrote:
Hello dear friends! Its been a while, hope you are fine and still active!

To let you know, if you are interested, our partner on 1 GW wind and solar in Asia, huge Chinese corp with over 100 Billion assets, will be in India by the end of Jan. We are closing several solar projects with them above 50 MW for them to finance and construct, so if you have contacts there lets get  them in touch, good stuff. 

We know them very well and already had several meetings since Sept in india with local developers.

Let me know, thanks!

Merry Christmas! 

Interested eligible Indian solar power project can submit their project file to volgaindia@gmail.com for review by the investor and issue of LOI and setting up TTM in India with investor for closing the deal.  On submission of your solar power project I will share with you a sanitized sample LOI tha  was issued to an Indian client.

New May 2016
An operating Resort on Mumbai-Ahmadabad Highway in Virar East with swimming pool and 25 staff is up for sale at Rs.12 Crores.  Specifcation of the Resort on receiving serious inquiry.  Only those investors interested submit their Letter of Intent (LOI) to volgaindia@gmail.com with their company profile with POF.  On receipt of the LOI and due diligence the buyer will have to sign IMFPA and thereafter, the seller would invite the buyer for finalization of the deal at TTM.  Interested direct buyers to submit the LOI to volgaindia@gmail.com

New:  September 29, 2015
Looking for distributor for this energy drink SILBERPFEIL Mercedes AMG Energy Drink  DTM main sponsor Mercedes-AMG.  SILBERPFEIL Energy Drink is the newcomer to the DTM sponsor team in 2015.  Canadian DTM Race Winner Mr. RoberT Wickens drives SILBERPFEIL Energy Mercedes-AMG C63 for SILBERPFEIL Energy Mercedes-AMG Team.
Product Specifications:
Designation: SILBERPFEIL energy drink, 250 ml » Country of origin: Austria » Sales units per delivery unit: 24 
» Delivery units per pallet: 108 » Layers per pallet: 9 » Remaining time: 12 months » Customs tariff number: 22021000
One of my associate from Turkey Ms Yam Ben has sent this offer for distributorship of this Energy Drink.  interested prospective leading eligible distributors may send in their LOI on their letterhead with company profile addressed to Volga realty Ventures (Proposed) to engage officially with this Energy Manufacturer from Austria and get the presentation of this Energy Drink.  The LOI may be sent to volgaindia@gmail.com

New: September 16, 2015:

Opportunity to invest in Japan in Solar Power Projects:

My business associate Mr. Ken Go from Japan has shared following investment opportunity in Energy Sector in Japan.  Interested investors to submit their Letter of Intent so as to proceed.

Dear Sanjay

 Just for your information as you have an extensive global network.  We have numerous Japanese solar parks for sale.  (Pre-construction, under construction and in operation.)

 We are seeking partners who will find potential buyers globally. If interested, please get back to us with any questions.

Most fall in following range Location: nationwide (Japan) Power: approx. 400 KW to 6000 KW  smaller/larger parks available)

FIT: 32 yen to 40 yen (government guaranteed for 20 years). Price: (approx.. USD equivalent) 2M to 20M

Returns: over 8%

 If interested please let us know what your clients are looking for. Please ask for details.

 Thanks and regards.

 Ken Go

Presenting FFE (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) provider from Dubai for International & Domestic Hospitality Industry:


I met Mr. Aashok Deshpande last week in Mumbai and mutually decided to expand & promote this business across the World.

It's my pleasure to introduce you here our Partner Mr. Aashok Deshpande from Dubai having 30 years experience in procurement for Hospitality Industry offering you FFE design & procurement services for Hospitality Industry world over.       Mr. Deshpande has successfully executed large scale FFE projects in Asia, Africa and wants to expand his business globally.  Please do visit following website of Mr. Deshpande to know more.  

Interested may directly contact Mr. Deshpande on his contact details given in the website or route your LOIs with specification, quantity and designs  to me at volgaindia@gmail.com to get you perfect A to Z solutions to cater your Hospitality FFE requirements.  


This opportunity has come from my business partner Mr. Shuken Go from Japan on behalf of Patent Holder of this technology Dr. Hanaoka. The brief offer is as under.

Dear Sanjay,

We have a patented technology (invented by Dr. Hanaoka) to produce MONO FLOW WATER, the world's first multi-functional electrolyzed water proven not only to be rich and safe but also to reduce risks of cancer and other diseases.  We are organizing scientifically backed data to support our statement.

There are two types of generators to implement this technology, one for home use and the other (larger type) for business/industrial use.

We are seeking Sole Agencies worldwide who for (approx.) $1M per agencywill receive exclusive manufacturing and marketing rights for their country or region (depending on size and population).

Each sole agent will then be able to set up their own local distributors in a way that will best suit their geographic and economic situation.
In order to establish Sole Agencies we need facilitators/intermediaries like you to sort out interested and qualified candidates.   
We are working on an English presentation which will include supporting data. We would also like to send a sample of this MONO FLOW WATER to interested parties.

Things are still in the making but I am confident this system will benefit many areas in the world suffering from shortage of safe and healthy water.  Application is very simple, just connect to faucet.

Hope you will be interested in helping us promote this business.


Interested established / capable eligible companies having large distribution network for their mineral water may send in their application (LOI) on their letterhead for distributorship for their respective country  to volgaindia@gmail.com 


JV Offer for distributorship of unique chemical used in road building from Australia.  Distributorship of is available for states in 

India and South Asia 

Link of my Renolith-GMK LLC Dubai representation letter: 


This JV offer is through my associate Mr. Aashok Deshpande from Dubai who is holding master franchise of this chemical from Australia for 16 

countries viz. India (state-wise except Delhi NCR, Haryana, Punjab & Rajasthan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania,

Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE, Western Sahara, Yemen, Afghanistan, Kenya & Sri Lanka.

Please review following JV offer from Mr. Deshpande as below.

I take this opportunity to introduce Renolith to you with intention of possible collaboration for Maharashtra region.
We have recently completed a test on 7x 50 Mtr road in Aranya project in Gurgaon Haryana for M/S Raheja Builders.

Brief on Renolith -
'Renolith' Australia is a wonder chemical for road construction with following highlights,

1. Renolith get mixed with cement and in-situ materials and once rolled downform solid polymer surface.
2. Road is practically ready to use immediately for light or heavy traffic.
3. You reduce transportation and material cost for transporting and laying quarried material like the rocks and aggregates and thus reducing cost and

    pollution related to transportation.

 4. Renolith roads compared to conventional ones cost 20-25% less. & time reduction for completion is almost 1/3.
 5. Renolith is totally non-hazardous, comes in liquid form either in ready to use or in concentrate forms.
 6. Renolith is eco-friendly, user friendly and comes with a guarantee of up to 15 years.

II Renolith Presentation –  Please see the attachment.

Video Links –
      Please find below the youtube links for Renolith:
1)      Renolith - Mines video

2)      Renolith - Pacific Highway video
3)      Testing on road surface
 4)   280 Tonne Crane Test

Interested entrepreneurs in desired sector may contact us with their LOI for allotment of distributorship for this Chemical Product.








Branded used Medical Equipments for Hospitals in India and abroad for sale from Japan (New):

This offer is from my business partner Mr. Shuken Go from Japan.  Interested buyers may contact us for details.

We are pleased to present LOT A, the first in our series of Japanese medical equipments available for export. We invite you to examine the products and get back to us with any items that might be of interest to you.
Thereupon, we will endeavor to set up a swift and direct dialog between the client (the buyer) and the supplier.
Looking forward to establishing a mutually rewarding relationship.
ken go
GO Communications, Inc.
Kobe, Japan


Available in this lot are famous Japanese used medical equipments of all kinds and in large numbers
The Japan-based supplier is currently selling goods in Japan, as well as to Russia and Bangladesh. Business is smooth and enjoying stable growth. 
Prices are inclusive of all necessary procedures to requested AWSP (any world safe port).
Payment terms: 50% TT advance is required to lock the goods for inspection prior to export.  
No after service or maintenance is provided for the country of destination.  
Client must get support from their own local specialist. Supplier will assume 
responsibility only in the jurisdiction under Japanese Law
The latest item in highest demand by doctors is the Toshiba 64 CT Scan, attached herewith for your perusal. 

For used MRI machines, terms are as follows:
Shipment: F.O.B Yokohama port 
Supply capacity: 6 units per year or more 
Note: MRIs are special and cannot be stored in a warehouse, due to their magnetic components. They must be exported immediately. 
REMARKS: The above terms and explanations are for LOT A only, and do not necessarily apply to Lot BLot C and others to follow. 

Energy Sector (A New Alternative Clean Energy from Japan):

It's great pleasure to bring to you a path-breaking alternative clean energy produced from natural abundant resource that can be used in automobile industry and energy sector as well that not only improve the energy supply at affordable costs, harmless to environment and has mass appeal and acceptance by people world over.   Here below is the offer mail received by me from Mr. Shuken Go, my business partner from Japan.

Dear Sanjay

We do have two substitutes, however.

One is HEEP (I temporarily named it Hanaoka Enhanced Energy Program). I am working with Dr Hanaoka, Japan's authority on the application of dissociated water, who has invented (and patented) a revolutionary technology that can produce new fuel by mixing oil and water. This will allow great reductions (30%) not only in the cost of fuel but also in CO2 emission. Imagine if CO2 can be drastically reduced in India! We are going to market this technology worldwide, with full license and distribution rights. We are seeking an initial $3M investment. Any leads will be appreciated.

The other is MX (lets call it for now), also designed to reduce electricity cost by 8 to 12%. Can be applied to any large building (schools, hospitals, commercial complex, etc). Quality is first class as it is also used in government buildings. We want to market this globally. Time is very limited for this one.

I hope you will help us promote both HEEP and MX.  I am sure they will be great humanitarian contributions.

Thanks. ken

Interested companies may contact us to discuss the proposal.

Sunbird Golf & Wildlife Estate in South Africa seeking $11 Million usd investment:

Project Promoter Mr. Johan Visagie our Business Partner from Pretoria is developing Golf Estate and has completed first phase with the support of Investors from Saudi Arabia.  Now, Mr. Johan is seeking further investment of $11 Million usd for second phase of his beautiful projectFollowing are the weblinks of Mr. Johan's websites www.sunbirdgolfestate.co.za   www.pebblerock.co.za      www.tlamelo.com

Tyre Recycling Project from Romania ($108 Million USD)

Mr. Nicolaescu Mircea, the Project Promoter is seeking investment for his ambitious start up company in Romania for his Tyre Recycling Plant which has huge potential in Europe.

Hospitality Industry:

A Dubai based Indian Entrepreneur Mr. Aashok Deshpande is seeking $20 million usd on equity based investment for his innovative 5 star Hotel Kitchenware Malls he has planned in Dubai and other Middle East countries.

Mining Sector:

Multi-Sectoral Investment Opportunities in the Emerging Economy - AFRICA.  (The Projects are in West Africa)

Kindly go through the welcome brief by Mr. Joseph Ackah and see how Africa will look after 20 years from now if the desired investments land in this continent.

We work primarily in Africa with their governments. The projects they need or have are large development projects and so we need funders, investors and joint-venture partners and project developers. We projects we currently have or are negotiating for are large housing development (30,000 - 40,000 homes), resort hotel and Casino development, agriculture and food production, railroad rehab, construction of schools, hospitals and health centers, cobalt, copper, gold and other mineral mining, oil concessions; we have mining concessions for sale and more. We are looking for a company to set up coffee roasting plant in Angola. These projects are in Ghana, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Guinea (Conakry), Republic of Niger, Chad, C.A.R. and the newly created South Sudan. We will be glad to work with all lenders/financiers, investors and principals interested in venture in Africa . As I stated to you before we have the relationship in Africa and we are very nimble when it comes to securing projects from officials and working with partners. Help if you can.
Joseph Ackah
CLA, Inc. www.cla-inc.com

mine investment list.xls mine investment list.xls
Size : 102 Kb
Type : xls

Agriculture Sector in Kazakhstan:  (Wheat Farms, 165 Ha. for sale)

Our Associate Mr. Aibek Tiekulov from Kazakhstan has following acquisition of agricultural land in in Kazakhstan at a very cheap rates.  This a gold opportunities for companies from India and Europe who wants to cash it on Food Security in their respective countries.  Here is the brief offer.  Interested companies may contact for detailed offer.


Form – Limited liability company

Balance – land of agriculture purpose, rented for 47 years, contract #101, contract valid until 4 June 2051,

Location – Aitikebiisky region, Aktobe Oblysy


Total – 58 965 ha

Arable – 11 807,4 ha

Haymaking – 64 ha

Pastures – 56 825 ha

Purpose – Grain production, no restrictions on use, dividable.

Yearly rent amount – 341 407 tenge (2 321,4 USD or 1 628,5 EUR as of August 12, 2011)


Form – Limited liability company

Balance – land of agriculture purpose, rented for 49 years, contract #87, contract valid until 11 February 2052,

Location – Aitikebiisky region, Aktobe Oblysy


Total – 2729,7 ha

Arable – 2125 ha

Haymaking – 4 ha

Pastures – 592 ha

Purpose – Grain production, no restrictions on use, dividable.

Yearly rent amount – 43018,69 tenge (293 USD or 205,2 EUR as of August 12, 2011)


These opportunities have come from Mr. Jean Michel Floc'h,
Senior Corporate Advisor
Beijing. Tianjin. Chongqing. New York.

We would like to introduce our latest projects, I am working with a Merchant Bank and  most of which we are in direct contact with the business owners and are structuring the deals for them: We are seeking investors for all of the following projects no loan.

Deals from China-based companies

1)      Lottery company in China: China’s only licensed automated lottery systems manufacturer looking to raise RMB100 million in funding for
         making new machines.

2)      Online portal for buying and selling commercial real estate: Company which runs a online portal for buying and selling commercial
         properties and has 400,000 members is looking to raise US$15 million.
3)      Thermoplastic and Composites Molding Company in China: One of the large composites and thermoplastic moulding company in China
          which is a vendor to all major automotive players.
4)      Chilli processing company in China: One of the largest chilli processing companies in China and requires RMB100 million in funding for
         expansion purposes.
5)      Manufacturer of FRP Products and Air conditioning systems in China: A company involved in the design and manufacture of FRP products
         including automobile parts, building doors and windows. It also manufactures and sells components for air conditioning ventilation
6)      China-based electric car manufacturer: The company has developed electric cars and has them under production and requires RMB 50
         million for working capital and expansion purposes.
7)      Chinese bus manufacturer with multiple models: Promoter of a bus company in China with the capability to manufacture 60 different
         models is looking to divest his stake to strategic investor.
8)      China-based clean energy solutions manufacturer: Solar panel manufacturer looking to raise funding for working capital and expansion
9)      Mobile entertainment and IT peripherals company in China: Divestment of stake by a PE fund in one of the well-known electronics brands
         in China.
10)     Bio fertilizer company in China: A company producing bio fertilizers is looking to raise pre-IPO funding.
11)     Rubber parts manufacturer for automobile industry: A group of companies, one of which is the market leaders in China for rubber hoses
          used in commercial vehicles  and manufacturer of steering wheels and control systems is looking to raise pre-IPO funding.
12)     China instrument manufacturer: Chinese company which is principally involved in manufacturing of measuring and calibration
          instruments is looking for strategic acquisitions in similar industries and capabilities, especially companies in the U.S., Europe and
          Japan, which possess substantial market share and technology capabilities.
13)     Automobile database and research company: Company specializing in automobile data and research utilized by top Chinese car
          companies is available for trade sale.

Deals from Singapore based companies

14)     Gold mining company: Gold mining company looking to raise funds for development of mines.

15)     High precision components manufacturer: The Company manufactures semi-conductors and other high-precision components and the
         promoter is looking to divest part of his equity stake.
16)     Environmental waste recycling company: Company in the environmental waste recycling business with presence in 17 countries and the
         promoters are looking to divest 35% equity stake.
17)    Academic Institute in Singapore: Owner and operator of academic institutes in Singapore offering training and higher education
18)     Engineering services company in Singapore: The company is a leading engineering services (geotechnical, structural, ground etc.) player
          with emerging businesses in water treatment and limestone mining.  The company is looking to raise S$10 million for working capital
          and expansion purposes.
19)     Biomass power plant engineering business: Trade sale of biomass power plant engineering business which has significant experience in
          design and construction of biomass power plants.
20)     Office equipment manufacturer: Trade sale of office equipment manufacturing division in China
21)     Greenfield palm oil plantation: Investment in a Greenfield palm oil plantation located in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.  Singapore RTO

22)     We have 2 companies listed on the Main board and 2 companies listed on the Catalist on the SGX-ST. Details are in the file attached.

Deals from Australia based companies

23)     Australian Mortgage Finance Company: One of Australia’s leading independent non-bank mortgage financier which has annual loan
          origination volumes exceeding A$1 billion is available for trade sale.

24)     Property redevelopment in Perth: Redevelopment of a property located in a prime precinct of Perth which is owned by a utility company in
25)     Mining Services Company in Australia: Company offering mining services including engineering services, construction services and
          maintenance services in Australia

Deals from India based companies

26)     Reputed kitchen and home appliances manufacturer: Trade sale of a reputed kitchen and home appliances manufacturer in India

27)     Multiplex cinema operator in India: Trade sale of multiplex cinema operator in the Tier 2/3 cities in India (first mover advantage in
          most locations)
28)     WiMax mobile equipment: Company specializes in last mile connectivity for 4G networks and one of the market leaders in India and
          promoters are looking to sell a stake
29)     Hi-tech engineering solution company: Company specializes in containment solutions for application in pharmaceutical, biotechnology
          and nuclear industries and modular panel. Associates of promoter looking for a vendor sale.
30)     Power Plant focused EPC player: EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company in India which is focused on the power plants

Deals from Europe based companies

31)     Shipbuilding Yard in Europe: Family owned shipbuilding company based in Europe which is one of the leaders in Ice Breakers and has
          in-house design capability and own shipyards.


All the global business/investment opportunities are subject to availability.   

As an independent consultant I only introduce Principal to Principal.  It's both the Principals' responsibility to verify or conduct due diligence on the respective Principal with whom they intend to collaborate for business.   Liability of failure to perform/No Show by any one of the collaborating partners/Principals therefore, may please be covered by Penalty Clause to protect one's business interest.  Thus, as an independent consultant I do indemnify for non-performance or no show by any of the Principals in any deal where I bring both the Principals together.

Further, please do not pay any upfront fees, pre-closing fees or transmission costs for financial instruments to any one before fund release or performance by the other party.  I do not ask any upfront fees from any of my clients and believe in success first.