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(I present a marvel of new helicopter design)

The international market is at our disposal. 
We are talking about a large market that allows us a great economic return. 

This helicopter is very handy, costs almost nothing compared to conventional helicopters (about 125,000 US!), So do not fuel kerosene, petrol car only ...! One flight hour cost only 150 US !! While for some helicopters can take up to 2,500 US per hour ....
Battery life about 5 hours, top speed 160 km / hour.
Great system if the engine cuts out, the helicopter did not fall like a stone and did not spit on the floor.
This helicopter can be used for observation (Army), Police, business, agriculture, flying schools, etc ..

For information I remain at your disposal.

... Seater helicopter.

-   Price: € 125 000 ± (The price of a FERRARI!)

-   Maintenance costs: ± 150 € / flight hour

-   Fuel = Gasoline 95 RON (car!)

-   Cruising speed: 165 km / h.

- Security

- Optional special parachute in case of general average

-   4 hours of autonomy.

Interested buyers may contact  at volgaindia@gmail.com for detailed offer with specificaton and performance & fuel etc. 

Ferrari World:

Rare legendary Ferrari rare cars for sale.  Offers are all from Mr. SAINT-JUST TSIEYILA.  Interested buyers may contact at volgaindia@gmail.com for detailed offers.

Collection Offer 1 - 1957 Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TDF

1957 Ferrari 250 GT LWB Berlinetta Scaglietti TDF

Engine Front longitudinal 60° V12, light alloy cylinder block and head Timing gear 2 valves per cylinder,  single overhead camshaft per cylinder bank  Bore and stroke 73 x 58.8 mm Unitary and total displacement  246.10/2,953.21 cc Compression ratio 8.5:1 Maximum power 240 bhp at 7,000 rpm Transmission Multi-plate clutch, 4-speed gearbox + reverse, conventional differential Chassis Elliptical section steel tubes Front suspension Independent, double wishbones, coil springs Rear suspension Live axle, semi-elliptic leaf springs Wheelbase, front and rear track

2,600/1,354/1,349 mm Kerb weight 1,050 kg Fuel tank 100 litres Total build cars: 18

Selling Price: € 8'500'000 EURO 

Car is located in Europe and has authenticity certificate from Ferrari

Collection Offer 3 - 1964 A Ferrari 330 GT with 3.9 liter engine

We hereby provide the description of the Ferrari Details:

From the private sector and there are only 3 left in the world. 

Car may be viewed and driven subject to contractual agreement towards purchase. 

    Admission 01/07/1964 A Ferrari 330 GT with 3.9 liter engine carburetor open Special and with special construction of the Ferrari 250 GTO. The car looks exactly like a Ferrari 250 GTO! (On chassis of 330 GT and 330 GT engine, 3.9 liter Ferrari) riveted tank and dry sump lubrication. All papers and confirmations of Ferrari available and that the car was assembled at Scaglietti / Allegretti. Scaglietti / Allegretti have the body work parts and spare parts composed of the remaining parts that were presented for the race of the racing series in the 250GTO's. ONLY 5 pieces originally had been scheduled on the 330 GT chassis to build a 250 GTO. In the end there were 3 pieces. The parts were still there, as was planned and estimated that the longer the period of the car driven in the race happened of the 250 GTO's the more accidents there were. It was however not raced too many times with very few accidents and use of spare parts were more available. At the end of the racing stage there were a large stock of Car body parts and spare parts. Therefore, the original part was constructed and placed by the 250 GTO on the 330GT chassis and engine.

Price: € 2,550 million euros


Ferrari 275 Nart Spyder (1967)
Just make a letter of intent, attention to Lord Irvine Laidlaw, Provide any kind of proof of funds (unless it comes from a celebrity) to purchase his Ferrari 275 Nart Spyder, For the price of USD 27,500,000.   And he will invite you to come and see the car. I enclose a set of pictures, The car his today with a fresh tan interior, UK registration,  Located in the UK.

Collection Offer 2 - 1951 Ferrari 340 America Ghia Coupe

1951 Ferrari 340 America Ghia Coupe Engine Type - Construction Number 250 Engine Front longitudinal 60° V12, light alloy cylinder block and head Timing gear 2 valves per cylinder, single overhead camshaft per cylinder bank Bore and stroke 80 x 68 mm Unitary and total displacement 341.8/4,101.66 cc Compression ratio 8:1 Maximum power 220 bhp at 6,000 rpm Transmission Dry, single-plate clutch,speed- gearbox + reverse, conventional differential Chassis Elliptical-section steel tubes Front suspension Independent, double wishbone, single transverse leaf spring Rear suspension Live axle, longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs Front tyres 6.40 x 15 Rear tyres 6.40 x 15 Wheelbase, front and rear track 2,420/1,278/1,250 mm Kerb weight 900 kg Fuel tank 135 litres Top speed 240 km/h

 Selling Price: € 5'300'000 EURO

Car has a Classiche Certificat and also Certicate of National Automobile Club.

AIRBUS 320 (sale offer is from Mr. SAINT-JUST TSIEYILA)


I come to you to respond to your request requiring some checks taking a little time...We can get new 2015 A320-214 at 45.5M$ USD Net SELLER  + 3% Commissions  (these Fees we will be cover by the Seller – Buyer Side 50/50 Seller Side – which is closed ) So, the price submit to your Client will be 46.865M$ but we do not have access to new A320 NEO’s!

The NEO has not been certified, deliveries only begin in the 3rd Q. The first three years of delivers are sold out, so finding six will be very difficult. 

Let me know if 2015’s with CFM 56-5B4/P will do!  I should have confirmation from 6 to 9, we can also finance the deal if required!!!! 

But I need by return a Letter of Intent or LOI from a Cie which has an AOC ! Is it possible in a minimum time?

The Seller will write a confirmation a commission and Price once an LOI is placed at 46.865M$USD, rounded to 46.9M$!

As we do have an NDA in place, I need the names of all of your “partners”. From my side it looks like a dealer chain with no control over the end buyer.

Remark: the Seller will not deal with any party who cannot supply an authorization mandate signed by the end buyer. I could represent him in case..

 The procedure is simple…

 1.      NDA

2.      LOI

3.      10% Funds held in Escrow account

4.      POF for remaining payment (MT-799)

5.      Inspection at factory

6.      Contract

7.      Payment

8.      Delivery

9.      Commissions paid by Seller

 Lett me know, regards.

All the Best!

 Buying, Selling, Trading   A I R C R A F T S Europe Aerospace Market


We offer: From a Cancelled Project.  Brand New 80 mw Power Plant yom 2014

 GENERAL ELECTRIC  7EA Power Plant 50 Hz or 60 Hz

The 50 Hz conversion is an existing Frame 7 capability that has been demonstrated.

This is accomplished through adding a gearbox and increasing the saturation of the generator.

Gearbox manufacturers already have designed and produced gearboxes for industrial and aero-derivative gas turbines in this output range that can operate in either the 50 or 60 Hz modes. They have also designed and produced gearboxes specifically for converting the Frame 7 gas turbines to 50 Hz applications.

Most of the power plants have less than 200 hours. The scope includes the full power plant including auxiliaries, aircleaners, exhaust stacks,Turbine oil coolers, controls, breakers and transformers.

These include both the 60 Hz applications such as Peru and Venezuela and the 50 Hz applications such as Nigeria, the Far East and the Middle East. 

Price is € 35,500,000.- Delivery Immediately 

 Please Note:

Any Party interested in this Power Plant, must come to the table with adequate funds for the Total Turn-Key Project.

This Procedure will be expected for all projects undertaken .

We are not interested to participate in Tenders, and only interested in Buyers who have a real need for our Services.

Here we present you an exclusive opportunity to reach global business community to import or sale any products, minerals, machinery, commodity and we will get you the desired match to meet your demand and supply requirement.  Listed below are few exciting import-export business leads.

Used Medical Equipments (CT & MRI Scanners etc.) from Japan for sale:

Following opportunity of used medical equipments is available from my associate Mr. Shuken Go from his Japanese supplier.  Interested buyers including Hospitals may contact us to send you product catalogue.

We are happy to announce that we have resumed export of new and used Japanese medical equipment.
We invite you to promote this service in your country/region.
Supplier information:
MERF Co., Ltd.
1566-91 Naramachi, Aoba-ku,
Yokohama, JAPAN 227-0036
Please direct all inquiries to the undersigned.
We look forward to establishing a fruitful relationship with you.
ken go
GO Communications, Inc.
Kobe, Japan
Government Regist. 1400-01-087627
PS: Translation of attached catalog
Page 1 
MERF  Sales of Medical Equipment & Used Medical Equipment 
Page 2 
We will support your arrangements of medical equipment. 
As one of our business categories, we have sales representation of special medical equipment. 
MERF arranges and distributes new, various used medical equipment based on our own network of medical industry in Japan.
Product Range: 
-CT (Computer Tomography) Scan Device 
-MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) 
-Ultrasound Imaging device 
-Dialysis treatment device 
Please feel free to contact us with any other requests.
Page 3
Method of order
Confirmation of items
Payment Condition: 
Indicated price is FOB Yokohama (Depending on item) including special packing 
Payment term is Advance payment. Shipment will be arranged after confirmation of payment via container. 
We can introduce logistic service (Logistic cost is not included)
Pre delivery function check. 
All used special medical equipment handled by MERF is monitored its location by serial number of each medical equipment makers 
Therefore, all items are maintained by medical equipment makers. In addition, all sales record from your company will be notified to its makers so that future maintenance process will run smoothly.
Page 4: 
Installation ・Maintenance 
For installation, local trader or technical support will be arranged. (may be different according to the country and the region.) 
Specialist from Japan for installation is available (Additional cost will apply) 
For maintenance, local trader or technical support can  be arranged.

There is no guarantee for used medical equipment.
MERF Certification
Page 5
Overview of MERF
Corporate name: MERF Co., Ltd 
Established: Nov. 2009 
President: Morio Kato 

Description of Business: 
-Development and sales of radiation cancer therapeutic instrument machine 
-Technical research into particle radiotherapy and training of medical stuff 
-Synthesis and technology consulting business concerning corpuscular rays 
-Sales of medical equipment and used medical equipment 
-Integrated consulting business of clinic establishment 
-All business that accompanies each title above
HK Office: MERF  Limited 



New (05.12.2017)

I have inquiry from Mr. Sam for gold from US buyer who has escrow arrangement.

Dear Sir,

My Buyer will like an Escrow Offer. 

He will use Akirix Escrow Services in the USA - they're linked to Wells Fargo Bank in USA

Target Price: Minimum
: LBMA -15%
Trial: 100kgs

Please send your Offer ASAP
Those who have suitable gold offer in USA and agree to work with above escrow arrangement may send their gold seller's SCO/contract for buyer's review and signing, to volgaindia@gmail.com

NEW: (29.11.2014)

This gold offer is from Mr. Takae Ito from Japan:

I have Gold offer from direct seller mandate in Switzerland.
9/6% discount
In Singapore/HK/Turkey
20 ton/month
Less than 4 years, International Hall mark.
Bank To Bank deal only
CIF, buyer nominated International airport Free Trade Zone
There is seller mandate, one facilitator and myself only.
If you are direct mandate of buyer (this is MUST), I can start dealing with you.
Pls contact with me if above is acceptable/agreeable.  

Interested buyers or mandate to contact at volgaindia@gmail.com

Need Copper Cathodes by our Swiss Buyer :

Our buyer from Switzerland need Copper Cathode FOB Dar E Salaam with maximum discount on LME price about 18% to 20%.  Interested direct sellers send in their FCOs for our buyer's review.  Offers with Smelter's Certificate & SKR would be preferred.  Those cannot furnish Smelter's Certificate and SKR excuse.