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We can get you PPP Trades that are currently available from HK, NY, London traders:

Banking Sector (Trading Platform) 

We have great pleasure to present to you various International PPP Programs from from different Trading Platforms represented different Program Coordinators based abroad.  Kindly have a look at the best available current PPP Programs.  Please note, some programs runs year round short duration programs are closing faster so you need to be quick to respond if u desire to enroll for these programs.

International Private Placement Program (PPP): 

Following are useful weblinks on articles and Forum that on PPP Program interaction among the PPP Program Coordinators, general investor and brokers, a very interesting information.

PPP Program Forum weblink below:  http://rice-puller.com/index.php?mode=thread&id=22779


I am a facilitator to this Program.  The Project Coordinator / Compliance Officer of respective program are entirely responsible.  


It has been observed that, we have received fake bank instruments for enrollment in PPP.  The Trading Platforms have taken this fact very seriously and has informed that, they have Interpol to verify the bank instrument.  Please note, if your client's bank instrument is found fake during the verification by the Trader the end client and the intermediary will be prosecuted.  So, ensure that u send only genuine proposals to us to avoid imminent prosecution from Interpol.

NEW*** (11.03.2017)


Trading & Funding of Gems and Precious Metals. 

viz. copper, nickel wire, powder and precious metal like gold,stones viz. Diamonds, Sapphire etc. with prove historical value. 

 Dear Sir or Madam,

 Our procedure is as follows:

 1) We provides funding against collateral of hard assets (free of liens or encumbrances):
 a. Precious metals, mainly gold (rough, powder, ingot or wire) platinum and silver.
 b. Gems, mainly precious, as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, but also deal with semiprecious like pearls.
 c. Jewelry, mainly those of gold and inlaid with precious stones, pearls and / or proven historical value.
 2) Percentage of Loan to Value (LTV) depends of asset type, jurisdiction where is located and the situation of the Market and window      time. In this sense, will be very helpful to determine the LTV, any documentation to support it as GIA report, appraisal, Safekeeping      Receipt (SKR), notarized affidavit of ownership, etc.
 3) What we do.
 a. We can fund to go trade in a long term Program (40 weeks) This way, upon completion of the Program hard assets returned to            asset owner, free of liens and encumbrances.
     Depending of the asset and its parameters, profit is paid weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly.
 b. We can arrange a loan. Normally without monthly fees but annually, paying interest rate only till last year when interest rate should      be paid and also principal repaid.
 c. We can buy your hard asset, directly or within its partner’s network around the world.

 - Option to deal funding without transfer the hard assets is needed.
 - Option to fund costs of transfer of hard assets ´(if it´s needed) from anywhere in the world to the designated jurisdiction for arranging    the agreement and granting of the credit line (the lodging institution), to be funded by US (Service provided by international proven      companies experienced in assets logistic)
 - Option to arrange account opening in favor of owner of hard assets in the jurisdiction where agreement is dealt for receiving the             credit line.

 4) Procedure is:
 a. We get fresh CIS with Passport and documentary support of hard asset.
 b. If DD is passed, we issue a formal proposal.
 c. After proposal is accepted by applicant, we issue an Agreement to move forward (we arrange full terms, banking coordinates to be     paid, timing)


 50% of net payouts to APPLICANT

 50% of net payouts to PLATFORM

 TERM: 40 WEEKS (per year)

 5% Commission for owner/investor side broker/intermediaries/consultants are paid by investor
 Platform works with the following Banks ICBC, HSBC, Barclays Bank, Deutsche Bank, Lloyds, Standard Chartered, Emirates NBD,  Citibank, RBS, Credit Suisse, Alizz Islamic Bank, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, etc.
 We love your business so if the above are acceptable
 feel free to revert with your adherence commencing with procedure NUMBER 1 above. This program details are through Mr. Bond.  Interested direct asset owners / clients may submit their updated KYC, SKR and their Bank's standard BCL with genealogy to  volgaindia@gmail.com



1. Client must lodge the IBOE/BOND in his Depo Account with his own Bank that must be at least AA rated, or endorsed by a       Bank that is AA/AAA rated,
           2. Bank must supply a standard BCL and also state the following:
    Client's Account No. __________________
    Bank Account Name. _________________
    Description of Bond
    Bond No _________________
    Bond Value _______
   Letter must also confirm that"The Bank is ready, willing and able, with full banking responsibility under instruction of the Client    "-----------------"To block the Asset (s) at Euro Clear in favour of the Beneficiary
         3. Client’s Bank must supply a Bank Statement of Asset (s)
4. Once the aforementioned letter (s) have been received, the AA document (FPA) will be issued by the Beneficiary.
5. Once the signed AA is received, the Director of Investments will issue a Draft CONTRACT for the attention of the Client and will serve as assurance for the Client to instruct the Bank to register the IBoE/Bond on Euro Clear in the name of the “Beneficiary”.
6. Once the IBOE/Bond is registered on Euro Clear the Client's Bank will automatically receive the 14 pages Extract from Euro     Clear as proof that the IBOE has been registered, these documents must then be forwarded to the “Beneficiary” for verification.
           7. Final CONTRACT will be issued by the Beneficiary for signature by both the Client and Beneficiary.
8. Hereafter the Client will within 5 banking days receive several times the Face Value of the IBoE upfront instead of monthly as with other monetization programs.

  The CONTRACT is valid for 1 year and 1 day after which it automatically expires and the IBoE/BOND once again becomes 
  unencumbered.  Owner remains the Owner of the IBoE/BOND at all times

  Best regards
   This Program details are from Mr. Isaiah.  Interested IBOE owners / mandates to submit their updated KYC compliance package 
    with IBOE original scan, BCL from their Bank for due diligence by Trading Platform to volgaindia@gmail.com

We also have receivers for MT 103 202, DTC,S2S, L2L deals.  Only senders need contact & share their signed contracts with details & codes may send in their contracts to volgaindia@gmail.com


NEW*** (28.08.2017)

Seeking DBFX4 Germany, HK, portugal and other FX4 receivers (28.08.2017):

We have sender inquiry and contract available with us.  Interested direct receivers may submit their account details and account screenshot to show that the account is active to volgaindia@gmail.com


T-Strips available for sale, lead from Ms Anissa

Gm, from my seller for t-strips:  (see attached as well)

"T-STRIPS, we have LIVE ones, so the buyer needs to place their funds with Merrill Lynch Pershing on their trading account. Then it will close.  Due to their fast moving and liquid nature, to attain an allotment, the buyer will need to supply an LOI and FPA based on a volume and transaction number and price range. The actual price and CUSIP will be available on the day of closing for desk to desk agreement."

IMPORTANT: The buyer of strips will need to place their funds or guarantee or credit line with the desk to allow the trader to buy. I have the LOI and FPA templates which need to be filled first re T-TRIPS.


New*** (28.08.2017)

SS EMTNs with ISINs available for sale, lead from Mr. Philips:

Here is detailed offer for interested SS MTN buyers.

[10:44 AM, 8/27/2017] Phillips Coggin: ISIN NUMBER: US298785HE99
AMOUNT: 3,000,000,000.
INTEREST: 1.125%
MATURITY DATE: 08-03-2020


AMOUNT: 3,000,000,000.
INTEREST: 1.125%
MATURITY DATE: 08-03-2020

75 plus 2 ......     Only Direct Buyer Mandate or Buyer Attorney                        
Can you get me EC screenshot and closing procedure.  
They Will Be Loaded On EC in 48 Hours They Are SS EMTNs                
What E stands for?
 How many SS MTNs with ISIN No. issued by top Banks are available for sale with you?
What is the closing procedure?  
European Medium Term Notes .....
We are the main Principal of the MTN, And SBLC and BGs
Please Issue LOI to xxx  
We have 39 EMTNs with ISIN Numbers. 
Closing procedure please?  DVP, SBP or D2D?  Is the price same for all EMTNs?  
SBP EC Closing
Interested buyers please contact at volgaindia@gmail.com or whatssap at +91-9768707024



Ours is Managed Robotic trading. It is a best effort situation. The Software does not have to sleep, eat and is watching the currency market at all hours of the day, around the global markets.

If interested 
in being a client 
after reading the below, please email us at once. Minimum is $50K to open an account. 

3 quarter Results:

End Balance:  
$ 151,524.20

Clients may take profits at any time.

I suggest you click on the orange box 
that says Review Report Now. A 19-page trading report will open. You can see that there were some losses along the way, but the account gained over$1
0 ,000 for the client 
(after starting with only $50K, you can come in with higher amounts) 
and on the very last line, you will observe that the client withdrew $25,000, so he only then had $25,000 of his original $50,000 investment at risk. He may have already withdrawn the other $25k by now, maybe letting the rest ride!

The account creation is fully automatic and quite easy to use. An account can be opened from scratch in mere minutes.
 Very easy process for you
 and our program manager will be glad to talk to you in Skype

We are showing the numbers as real and performed with "live" money and $50,000 turning very solid returns. At some point it falls upon the client to make an investment decision and place their funds. Not saying you can't have questions and we'll address them as they come. Key ingredients are: excellent returns, client opens their own account and fund their account directly. Trading can commence within the same given week and the client controls the majority of the timing.

Thank you.


Only serious interested investors may contact at volgaindia@gmail.com to send you detailed offer with Review Report.  Shoppers and time-wasters please excuse.

Our buyers are looking for Fresh Cut BGs /SBLC for lease and purchase wherein seller / provider moves first with pre-advice MT 799 without any upfront fees :

We have various buyers and lessees for FC BG/SBLC lease and purchase on above terms.  Only performing Principal sellers / providers with proven track record working on above terms should send in their offers / DOAs.  

Those asking for transmission fees from post submission of signed contract by the client will be reported to ICC for legal action for breach of contract terms.  So scammers stay away!  

We also have buyers for SS BG & SS MTNs:

We have buyers for SS BG / SS MTNs that have ISIN & CUSIP codes and seller who can provide EC screenshot and certificate of deposit in their name.  The closing is strictly D2D (Desk to Desk).  This settlement procedure supersedes all the long closing procedures, of call option money, closing fees, transmission fees that in fact, these procedures are now being exploited by scammers.  D2D is therefore, an effective settlement procedure to stem all deceptive closing procedures.  The sellers and buyers who work on this procedure know well that the deal can be closed in one hour.

Therefore, the performing sellers of SS BG/SS MTN can send in their offers with ISIN, CUSIP codes, Certificate of Deposit (original scan and not morphed or digital version) with MOU / IMFPA so that, once the buyer signs the MOU / IMFPA the the Seller's Desk Officer's information will be given to buyer's Desk Officer to initiate closing process by contacting the seller's Desk Officer to inform buyer's RWA for purchasing the security and on confirmation close the deal.  Simultaneously, on closing the consultant's fees also released by the Buyer's Desk Officer.  Please note, I have buyer's Desk Officer information.

Currency Exchange Offer from USD P (15% gross) for EURO Sellers:

We have few USD P offers for EURO exchange.  The gross bonus is 15% and the net is 10% to the buyer, 5% USD P / EURO S consultants to be equally split i.e. 2.5% each side.  There could be B2B or L2L transaction.  Contact us for draft contract / offer.  

NEW: (25.06.2017)

Urgently needed T-Strips for a strong private buyer in USA who is willing to buy T-Strips upto 15B and closing by D2D.  The other buyer is Govt. of China.  The interested seller or his mandate to send me screenshot of T-Strip with mandate's full contact details such as telephone No., cell No. whatassap and skype id. Kindly submit your seller's T-Strip full package to volgaindia@gmail.com   Buyer will sign IMFPA before closing in order to protect all Consultants.  Game players and time-wasters please excuse us.

IQD  NIQD in Zurich needed:

I have couple of buyers including a private Swiss Bank with general LOI for purchase of IQD/NIQD.  The buyer would respond only after getting KYC package of seller's IQD / NIQD SKR with box bar codes & POP video of boxes.  The Swiss Bank buyer is offering gross price of $0.10 per IQD and net $0.08 per IQD, commission $0.02 out of which 50% each for seller and buyer side.  On receipt of package after positive DD on the seller the buyer would call the seller for TTM in Zurich for closing at mutually agreed date, time and place.  The price offered may vary depending on the market trends.  There will be no POF or soft probe like ATV upfront from the Bank as Bank would present their financial credentials during TTM in Zurich.  Interested IQD sellers may submit their IQD/NIQD packages including SKR to volgaindia@gmail.com  

Only performing and interested direct IQD / niqdd sellers may submit their packages to earn response from the buyer and no exception to this condition.  Time wasting inquiries will be summarily rejected.

Contact us for FC BG/MTN, FC, SS MTNs check with us for current available offers from the sellers/providers (from Clearing House too) on SBP, D2D & DVP payment method.