Volga Realty Ventures (Proposed)

Welcome Dear Investors!

We are offering this great opportunity to prospective Global Investor to partner in this lucrative business that promote and practice corporate business ethics/culture to matain complete transparency in its dealings and functioning as well.  We invite prospective Seed Investors, Angel Investors, Private Funds, Private Equity Fund, Private Investors, High Networth Individuals and  Non-banking Financial Institutions who are looking for new business opportunities across the Globe to maximise their earnings through a sustainable Business in fast emerging Global Economic Wonderland India that is on threshhold of toching GDP of 9%. 

We are seeking 100% funding on equity based profit sharing subject to the Terms & Conditions agreed by us and the Investor.  All costs involved before fund transfer shall be the sole responsibility of the Investor viz. notarization of Investment Agreement, Legal Fees, Consultant's Fees or Fund Transfer Fees, Security Deposit, Opening of an Offshore Account, Incorporation of an Indian Corporate Company, Collaterials in % of the funds and foreign tour expenses etc.  We do not accept any condition for upfront fees for any reason for concluding the Business Transaction before fund transfer.

We are committed through Binding Investment Agreement to reimburse all the costs referred above to the Investor post fund transfer within 60 days from the date of financial closure/confirmed receipt of funds in our Savings Account / Corporate Account.

We expect the Investor to have clean profile with legal funds in his Bank Account and proof of funds.  The Investor must provide all the supporting documents before signing a Binding Investor Agreement.  Any Investment Proposals connected with illegal or illegitimate source of funds shall be rejected.

Please note, we do not entertain any inheritance claims or Forex funds in hard currency through Security Companies or Diplomatic Channels.

We guarantee our Prospective Investor a friendly environment in this business deal and expect the Investor to resolve any emerging issues during the course of completing the Investment Transaction.  We are committed to long term business cooperation.