Volga Realty Ventures (Proposed)

It was Winston Churchill who said that Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice, it is not a thing to wait for, it is a thing to be achieved!

Management Team:

Mr. Indranil More, Chief Promoter

Mr. Indranil More is a Cambridge educated from Mumbai Board and has recently completed Diploma in Business Management  (DBM Course) from IIBM, Pune with First Class.  Began his 30 years of career way back in 1984 from a junior level Government Employee in Judicial Department as a Stenographer and then working in Centaur Hotel Juhu Beach, Mumbai (now known as Tulip Star Mumbai) for 16 years getting wide exposure to Hotel Industry.  

A turning point in career had other plans for him as he had to opt for voluntary retirement since the Hotel was privatized as part of the then Government’s disinvestment policy.  Post VRS in January 2005 he had had an opportunity to work in different Industries like Plastics Industry, BPO & now Civil Engineering.  He has also worked in partnership as an Estate Consultant in Vasai a brief period during recession.  For the last 10 years working in Infrastructure sector including other industries as well.  Currently working in one of India's leading infrastructure Company in Mumbai. 

The wide exposure to challenging business environment & processes in private sector changed his perception of Life that led him to introspect as to What is his goal in Life? How people run big enterprises, How they establish huge business empires? What makes them successful? Why I can’t follow their example?  He never wanted a routine life and nurtured a dream to do something significant in Life.  He believed in a Mantra “Where there is a Will, there is a Way!  He also believed if you have right attitude and willing to explore new avenues, ready to face challenges and create a distinct identity through a passion will ultimately bring Success.  He later focused on Realty Sector and has been tirelessly researched & worked on this lucrative business.  He then started harnessing inputs from Technical Professional viz. Architect, Civil Engineers, C.As lawyer and Business Consultant and finally in preparing his Business Plan of Realty Project together with Feasibility Report from Architect.

This dream Project surely will transform his profile from grass root level to more socially responsible and committed to offer Green Habitat to Indian customers with the support from his investors & colleagues.  From now onward his life become meaningful as the Goal is defined and objectives are set to be achieved.  Now, the Management Team needs to work really hard to live up to Investors’ expectations of getting maximum returns on their investment.  Mr. Indranil More has 2 children.  Elder daughter is an Architect  and son also pursuing a degree course in Hotel Management & Catering Technology at Lonavala near Mumbai.

Mr. Vijay More, Director Finance,(M.Com, C.A) 

Mr. Vijay is younger brother of Chief Promoter.  Mr. Vijay had completed his C.A. from Mumbai and is now based in Aurangabad.  He has his independent practice for the last 12 years and his clients include Banks, Educational Institutions, Industrial Companies etc.  Mr. Vijay will responsible for planning, budgeting, Project Capex, fund cash flow of this proposed Enterprise. 

Mrs. Mamta Indranil More (B.A. B. Ed.)

Mrs. Mamta More is a pillar of strength of More household fully dedicated to managing family since 1991 and now she will again will support her husband in business as well by joining on Board as a full time Director and shall look after day to day function of finance department.

Mr. S.K. Thombre, Head (Project Execution), (B.E., Civil)

Mr. Shivaji Thombre has completed his Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from Marathwada University in 1993 and currently based in Pune at his employer's Project Site.  He brings us 19 years of experience in Civil Engineering.  He specializes in project execution and is capable of handling multiple Projects.  He also looks after material procurement, preparing BOQs (Bill of Quantities) for developers and also for Hydraulic Department and has completed Turnkey Projects viz. WTP, Pipeline, ESR, GSR, UGSR, Sump, Pump House etc.  As a an employee Mr. Thombre has won many Civil Engineering work contracts for his employer M/s Perfect Engineering Associates Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.  Currently, in addition to this Mr. Thombre is overseeing a 20 Building Project in Thane as a Consultant.  His notable colleague is Mr. Machhindra Chate, famous for his Chate Classes throughout Maharashtra and he is a Brand unto himself when both used to take academic classes many years ago in Marathwada region. 

Mr.Thombre’s expertise in Civil Engineering is commendable. Mr. Thombre’s invaluable  contribution will give an impetus to the growth of this proposed realty enterprise in terms of quality work, reduction in project cost viz. material & labour cost and finally timely project execution thereby maximizing the profit margin.  We look forward to see this Most Valuable Technical Expert to join us on Board.

Mr. Santosh Jadhav, Consulting Architect,(B. Arch.)

An young and enterprising Mr. Santosh Jadhav completed his B. Arch. from Appasaheb Brinale College of Architecture, Sangli, Maharashtra in 2008.  He is currently employed with Avishkar Engineers & Consultants, Mulund, Mumbai.       

Mr.Santosh Jadhav falls in the league of young Turks who is ambitious & energetic person.  He is the first technical professional who has scripted Chief Promoter’s vision on paper through his Feasibility Report and did not charge a penny for his professional support.  He is the one who has recognized the latent potential in this lucrative business model and has been very supportive in this Endeavour right from the conceptual stage to create new Brand identity.  He will always be the guiding force for us not only in design department but for Project Planning in future.  

Mr. Santosh is currently handling following Projects for his employer:

200 Bungalow Project Scheme in Solapur, Maharashtra, 80 Buildings Redevelopment Project in Vikhroli, Mumbai, Residential Projects in Kalyan & Dombivli, Renovation of TATA AIG Office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Advocate Arastu Irani,LLB, Legal Advisor

Mr. Arastu comes from a family of Lawyers.  Except his mother his father, brother & sister are all lawyers.  He is a practicing Lawyer in Mumbai High Court handling Civil and Criminal matters.  He had been a Judicial Magistrate for a brief period, however, since he was more interested to work independently he returned to practice at Mumbai High Court and has been living in Vasai for many years.

His association with Mr. Indranil More dates back in the year 1986 when Mr. Arastu had just started his career as lawyer in Dahanu, Maharashtra where Mr. More was working as a Stenographer in Civil Court.  The bond of friendship between Mr. Indranil More & Mr. Arastu remains as fresh as in 1986.  When Mr. Arastu was briefed about this proposed realty enterprise he was delighted to know that something significant is taking shape and he was more than willing to represent this proposed company as legal advisor.  

Mr. Arastu will be responsible for preparing legal framework of this new realty enterprise, property search reports, investment agreement, sale agreement and dealing with Government Departments on legal matters.

Mr. Anand Kejriwal, Business Development & Marketing Manager

Mr. Anand Kejriwal was instrumental in preparing first power point presentation of business tie up with Expats Group that are developing Lavasa Project in Maharashtra with Volga Realty Ventures to attract foreign investment. His professional help drew good responses from foreign investors. 

The Management desires to get him on Board and head a critical segment of land acquisition for Project Development besides streamlining the Business Development process, to devise and implement Marketing Strategies for Volga Realty Brands for Indian Customers.  We look forward to Mr. Anand to join us soon to expand our horizons. 

International Business Tie Ups

Mr. Shuken Go, Go Communications, Kobe, Japan:   

Mr. Ken Go is an independent business consultant from Japan.   He basically handles private investments for his  clients globally and looking  for  investment opportunities.  He is a friendly gentleman and is having many Indian friends.  His interaction will be surely bring many opportunities for us in future.  Our association with Mr. Shuken Go is 4 years old but we have long to go.

Hopefully our international extended business association would not only bring desired funding but will help us set up our global business network for mutual benefit.

Mr. Shuken Go has recently been affiliated to Euro Pacific Bank Ltd.  launched by Mr. Peter Schiff) in St. Vincent Island in Carribeans and has a very interesting Gold / Silver card offer for gold buyers and withdrawing money in their selected currency option through Gold / Silver Debit Card.  This offer is available to Non-US Citizens.  Please click the following visiting Euro Pacific Bank Ltd's website  to know about this Euro Gold Card, see  Mr. Peter Schiff's video blog.

Before clicking the Euro Pacific Bank Ltd's website please read a brief profile of Mr. Peter Schiff as under.

Peter began his investment career as a financial consultant with Shearson Lehman Brothers, after having earned a degree in finance and accounting from U.C. Berkeley in 1987. A financial professional for over twenty years he joined Euro Pacific Capital, Inc in 1996 and has served as its President since January 2000.  In 2007, Peter authored the bestselling “Crash Proof” in which he warned of the coming economic downturn.


Mr. Mark G. Paterson, Aderdeen, Scotland: www.markgpassociates.com

A Globetrotting Business Professional is associated with us since last 5 years and offers virtual business support to his global clients.  Here is Mr. Mark's introduction in his own words as under:

" Hello, my name is Mark Gregory Paterson, I am an independent business professional with over 15 years of international experience in management, consultancy, accounting, finance and organizational development across many cultures and technical areas and disciplines."

Mr. Mark has been instrumental in finalising many contracts for FIFA 2010 Football World Cup held in South Africa during his stint in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Mr. Mark has a direct funding source which can benefit many global clients looking for funding for their Projects.  Interested clients can visit his website and learn about his range of services catering to various business needs for his clients.


Mr. J.C. Bharwani & Co, Chartered Accountant, Mumbai

The C.A. Firm from Mumbai headed by Mr. J.C. Bharwani, a senior professional has recently joined us to cater our global clients' needs thereby assisting them secure and meet their organizational goals.  Mr. Bharwani specializes in services like due diligence, enhancement of profitability of sick companies with his personalized supervision to monitor implementation of his corrective plan given to his clients.  Mr. Bharwani also assist companies in preparation of legal documentation for international JV collaborations at competitive fee compared to international level fees.